A Not So Pleasant Run…

Most of the time runs are peaceful… but sometimes you have to deal with people who make them very unpleasant…

Maybe I was tired from my run the day before…but I ran a 7 mile course near my house on Sunday. I was glad there were some hills, because I need to work on those…but my legs just felt slow and heavy for most of the run. Needlesstosay… my mind set was a little annoyed… the podcast I was listening to helped a little, but still, I had a shorter temper than usual. About half way through my run, while on a main street, a car drove by with it’s horn (hopefully) stuck. If it wasn’t stuck… they were just being a jerk. Do you know how annoying that sound is?!  Then right after that, I was crossing a side street in a cross walk and luckily I’ve been running enough to have enough experience to look at drivers to make sure they see me… because if not, I would have been hit by a car. I was in the MIDDLE of the cross walk and had to stop because I could tell the car turning in to side street was not paying attention to me.

Please take note… I am normally a woman who RARELY swears…but if you mess with my running (make me have to stop mid run or make me jump because you have scared me)…my middle finger is used quite freely…

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